On October 22, 2018 I am asking you the voters of Collingwood for your trust and confidence and the opportunity to represent you as your next Deputy Mayor and Simcoe County Councillor. On October 22nd I am respectfully asking for your Vote.

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About Keith Hull

It would be an honour and privilege to serve the residents and taxpayers of Collingwood as your Deputy Mayor and representative at the County of Simcoe.

I have served one term (2010-2014) as a Municipal Councillor and over many years I had the pleasure to serve on several Boards and committees in various capacities. With the Town of Collingwood I served on the Vision 20/20 and Heritage committees and the Affordable Housing Task Force. I am a past member and Chair of the Board of Managers for First Presbyterian Church and was a committee member and Director with the Southern Georgian Bay Association of REALTORS® (then the Georgian Triangle). Most recently I am a co-founder of the 100 Men Who Care Southern Georgian Bay group.

Since moving to Collingwood in December of 1996 I have worked in various capacities for Blue Mountain Resorts Limited and Playground Real Estate Limited (Intrawest) and from 2004 onward I have been a licenced REALTOR® and am currently a Broker with Chestnut Park Real Estate Limited, Brokerage.

I am the proud Father of Aidan (15) & Andrew (13) who I have been fortunate to coach and manage over many years playing hockey, baseball and the list goes on.

“I’m a decision maker, but I’m not an expert. I think I have the ability to rely on the expertise of our staff, consultants, lawyers, etc., and if someone feels they are in a position where they are the expert, they are setting themselves up to fail as a leader.” – Keith Hull, September 10, 2018 – collingwoodtoday.ca

“Issues come and go, but the ability to make tough decisions must be a constant.” – Keith Hull, September 12, 2018 – all candidate meeting.

As a former Town Councillor I am aware of the fiscal realities of the Municipality. As a business person I am familiar with economic challenges and opportunities facing the community and as a father of two I am living the reality of raising a family in the Town of Collingwood! Combine the three and I believe I have the experience and well-rounded qualities to be your Deputy Mayor.



The following is an exert from my opening remarks given September 12, 2018 at the all candidates meeting at the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 63 Collingwood.

“Throughout the campaign, you will likely hear all of us use key words like sustainability, affordability and accountability as they relate to a whole host of issues that are important to you. Now, I am not suggesting that these words aren’t important, in fact they will provide you with a sense of a candidates Vision for the community. However, at the end of the day what I think is most important in an elected official (and especially at the local level) is one’s ability to make tough decisions that represent the best interest of the community as a whole and not a select few.

When I ran for Council in 2010, the two key issues of the day were the Admiral Collingwood development and the location of patios in our downtown. However, within a few a months of taking office those two issues were addressed and over the balance of our term we dealt with among other issues the initial 50% sale of COLLUS, a potential OLG casino and the purchase of the two Sprung structures for Central and Heritage Park. To the best of my knowledge none of these issues were debated during the 2010 campaign.

My point is, that I believe we all have a sense of the key issues facing us today. However, based on past experience each Council has had to deal with their own set of opportunities and challenges that were neither a campaign issue or on the horizon at the time. Therefore, you want to know that you have elected a Council that you can be assured is making decisions that are in the best interest of the community and again not a select few.

I believe, I have a good understanding of the issues of the day, our current strengths and weaknesses and a desire to see our great Town move forward as a progressive community for all those who live, work and play here. And, based on my collective experience, through my professional career, as a past Municipal Councillor, volunteer on multiple Boards and committees and involvement with my children in minor sports, I believe I have developed the skill sets and in particular the ability to make tough decisions in an effort to move our community forward. Issues come and go, but the ability to make tough decisions must be a constant.”


My vision for Collingwood and the region is one that is respectful of its past, while preserving both its natural and physical heritage while embracing the future brought on by the opportunities and challenges that is growth, affordability and technological & environmental change. Lastly, that we continue to be a community welcoming of all.


  1. The town has been identified by upper tier levels of government as a growth area within Simcoe County. It is anticipated that the population will increase by 10,000 people over the next decade while at the same time current provincial policy legislates that we increase density as we build out while increasing (on an even greater basis) within the existing built areas (i.e. downtown core). Many of your questions relate to growth and planning. I am not an expert in the area of planning and nor should I be. However, I understand the pressures the community is facing and the role as a member of Council to work with our Staff, Consultants and Legal Team to ensure that appropriate questions are being asked and answered and that all information is available and carefully considered before making a decision. Again, issues come and go but the ability to make tough decisions must remain constant.
  2. Local Economy. Recently, the Town was identified a leader for entrepreneurism. I think we have a real opportunity to properly leverage our quality of place to continue to attract young, creative entrepreneurs to the community. These individuals are creating excellent employment opportunities within the tech, education, healthcare and hospitality industries (to name a few) working with clientele both locally and abroad. I would like to see both the Town and County continue to foster and promote this entrepreneurial spirit as the return to the community in terms of intellectual and creative capital, revenues and employment are somewhat endless in the “new economy.” Further, many of these “new” business sectors have a reduced carbon footprint when compared to traditional industries of the past.
  3. This is not unique to Collingwood but given that one of our largest industries is tourism it is perhaps magnified. Simcoe County has made a significant investment in Collingwood with the development of new housing at the corner of High & Second streets. However, there needs to be more in order to meet the demands of several demographics. Further, there needs to be increased cooperation between municipalities and industries (see point #5) specific to housing.
  4. The current Council has done a good job of reducing the debt while increasing revenues and reserves. With the recent sale of the utility to EPCOR and the airport to private interests the next Council will be charged with the responsibly and opportunity of investing millions of dollars on behalf of the community. I would like to see the next Council give consideration to seeing some of this money invested in the first phases of the Waterfront masterplan as well the purchase of either green space or brownfield locations that could be the future site of either open community space or a multi-use recreation centre.
  5. Regional Cooperation. Although, in my opinion Collingwood remains the hub of the region with the hospital, high schools, college and significant commerce located within our boundaries, we are still a region comprised of four municipalities and two counties. Yet in many ways we continue to operate in silos from one another. Recently, the Blue Mountains engaged in a significant housing study. I applaud them for undertaking the exercise, however as example, given that many of the people who work for Blue Mountain Resort either live or do their shopping etc., in Collingwood, I think we should have had a greater stake as part of the study. On a positive note (and I was pleased to be a part of the push) we expanded our transit service both in terms of the size of the fleet and routes, but perhaps more importantly we were able to cross those boundaries expanding services west to Blue Mountain Resort and east to Wasaga Beach. The expansion of the transit service has been a success and is one of the few tangible items the municipality can do to provide an affordable option for many within the community and region. I will continue to work with Council and the upper tiers of government (funding) to expand this service.



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